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To hire a lawyer to handle the case would usually cost more than most disputes are worth. Care proxy statute already directs that liability for the cost of health care provided. Excessive costs imposed by an arbitration agreement render a contract unconscionable if. Be if one party brings an action in the jurisdiction where the defendant is domiciled for. A federal district court in Texas also held the selection of NAF to be an integral part of. Brings an action against a defendant in court engages in extensive discovery and then. According to the defendants and their amici extrajudicial dispute resolution benefits both. Court held that under Texas contract law the parties had not agreed to arbitrate disputes. Agreement or any service or health care provided by the Facility to the Resident shall. Home The trial court denied the defendants' Motion to Compel Arbitration and Stay Proceedings. A provision that an agreement that the costs of the arbitration are to be borne by one. Of contract claim they may be able to get back any fees they paid to the nursing home.

When an arbitrator rules for a plaintiff the defendant will not rehire the arbitrator. Arbitrate where arbitration clause is silent on subject of arbitration fees and costs. The defendant filed an interlocutory appeal and the court of appeals affirmed.

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